Nu'alolo Kai 2016-12-26

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Photographer: Capt. Ted of Capt. Andy's Na Pali Day Expedition
20161227T081606_kimg0154.jpeg 20161227T081606_kimg0155.jpeg 20161227T081607_kimg0159.jpeg 20161227T081607_kimg0164.jpeg 20161227T081607_kimg0169.jpeg 20161227T081608_kimg0166.jpeg 20161227T081608_kimg0170.jpeg 20161227T081608_kimg0175.jpeg 20161227T081608_kimg0176.jpeg 20161227T081609_kimg0172.jpeg 20161227T081609_kimg0191.jpeg 20161227T081610_kimg0185.jpeg 20161227T081610_kimg0195.jpeg 20161227T081610_kimg0202.jpeg 20161227T081611_kimg0192.jpeg 20161227T081611_kimg0201.jpeg 20161227T081611_kimg0214.jpeg
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